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What brought you to CrossFit?

Back in 2011, I saw a series of Reebok commercials... people climbing ropes, flipping tires, jumping on boxes and performing other "cross training" movements... Looked pretty intense and it sparked my interest. At the time I was 37, and looking for a consistent workout routine.
I had recently stopped playing Men's Hockey at that time, as the game times and commute were challenging for me. The Crossfit gym in Newmarket had great class time options, so the transition was smooth.

What was your first impression?

After coming to the original (small) Newmarket box location on Journey's End Circle, and meeting Ryan Abush, I was eager to get into my first class... after several weeks of muscle pain and exhaustion, I was hooked, and was coming back consistently 3 times a week.

How has that impression changed?

I get the same feeling and adrenaline rush on my way to the gym to this day... my impression of Crossfit has not changed. The ever changing WODs, and goal setting, has made it an ongoing activity and staple in my life.

What was your best day at CrossFit?

I have had MANY "best days" at the gym... I guess top moments would be hitting milestone weights or finally hitting tough movements. I have recently (finally) hit Ring Muscle Ups, and able to string them together.

What are some of your accomplishments?

I haven't tracked my weight, but I feel I have gained at least 10-15 lbs of muscle in past several years... I have recently started an unlimited membership, which allows me to come basically everyday and work on new goals and movements.

What are your new goals?

There are a few movements I still need; Double-Unders, Hand Stand Push Ups and Pistol Squats... I would still like to put on more muscle, which is becoming easier with the unlimited membership.

What do you love most about CFNAC?

The coaches have been great... they are always able to assist with a movement, or suggest modifications when needed... The option of having two locations so close to my home and working area have been a huge bonus... I have made some great friends at the gym, as well as new clients for my Real Estate business ;)