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Lindsay & David

What brought you two to CrossFit?

David started out running for weight loss purposes and training to complete ultra marathons about 5 years ago - he wanted to integrate strength training into his program, and came across a book called "The Unbreakable Runner" by Brian MacKenzie, which talks about incorporating CrossFit Endurance programing into running. This book encouraged him to seek out some CrossFit style gyms located in Prince George, British Columbia. He was hooked! While out west, he trained at CrossFit for three days a week,alternating with his long distance running. Building strength through CrossFit style workouts was a huge success for him, as he has since completed two 50km Ultra Marathons (Squamish50) since then.

What was your first impression(s)?

He instantly loved the challenge of the WODS, the community of the gym, and the overall excitement of going to each class. His training was consistent while he was out west, David moved to back to Ontario August 2016, and began doing CrossFit with me in a gym local to my home in Stouffville, we trained approx 3 days a week there.

I started out doing CrossFit style workouts with a group of other mom friends approx 10 or so years ago in a friends basement home gym, she and her husband had come across CrossFit, and thought it would be great to encourage friends / moms to use some of the movements to help get back into shape.... eventually, after home gym workouts, and park Bootcamp Programs they opened a CrossFit Affiliate in Stouffville and I joined :) I loved the physical and mental challenge of each workout and was fairly consistent attending the 6am workouts 4-5 days a week.

David and I started thinking about looking at other Crossfit gyms, out of sheer curiosity to see how each gym varied from each other, how atmosphere can differ and coaching... we came across CFNAC after searching on Google for some local gyms and started our 2-week trial back in January of 2017. We instantly loved the feeling we got from CFNAC, the atmosphere was friendly, welcoming, the gym was bright, clean, had loads of equipment, was very professional and the coaching always on point.

How has that impression changed?

Our impression of CFNAC has stayed the same since that very first day we walked in and attended our first class..... the coaching is always amazing, the front staff is always friendly - its so nice to walk in and have someone welcome you by name! Ryan and Michelle have developed an amazing community, with knowledgeable coaching staff, who are friendly and genuinely interested in the health and well being of members.

What are some of your accomplishments?

David and I both have seen some fantastic accomplishments over the last year. I found my training previously was getting stagnant, I wasn't pushing myself nearly as hard as I should have, considering I had been doing CrossFit for so many years and still could not manage a handstand pushup, wasn't able to do toes to bar, could barley climb a rope, etc etc....and rarely went past 55lbs when doing any sort of lifting.
Since being at CFNAC, and participating in regular PT sessions with Ryan, I can now comfortably string together Toes to Bar, I did my first kipping Handstand Push Ups just before The Open this year, I am working on consistent Butterfly Pull ups, I accomplished my very first Overhead Squat at 80lbs in the Open - I thought I would only get 1 rep and I knocked out way more then I ever thought I could!!! I now try to push myself with Olympic Lifting- at the very least attempting weights I would never have dreamed of before. This was the first year I had ever completed The Open all RX!! The encouragement of the coaching staff is amazing!
Through the course of the year, David feels his fitness level has increased, his body fat percentage has dropped and he has increased his muscle mass, his gymnastic movements are getting better....David is working on Butterfly Pull Ups now and with some help from our PT Sessions with Ryan, and after years and years of wanting to get one- he finally got his very first Ring Muscle Up! A very outstanding and Proud moment of accomplishment!!!! The smile on his face was outstanding!

What are your new goals?

Going forward, I would like to improve my endurance, increase my weights even more when doing lifts, master a muscle up, ring or bar....master the butterfly pull up and increase my muscle mass. David would like to always see improvements throughout the year, a few less misses on the Double Unders, fine tune the skills of Olympic lifting, increase mobility, loose more body fat, and increase his endurance.

What do you love most about CFNAC?

Having the common goal of being fit, healthy and incorporating proper nutrition as we both age is important to us; the older we get the harder it becomes, recovery takes a little bit longer at times, the muscles ache a little more then they did 10 years ago....however the aches and pains and hard work is worth it! We LOVE CrossFit and everything it stands for, the community of CrossFit Newmarket Aurora Central is by far top notch, the coaches truly amazing, we couldn't ask for anything better!