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Lauren T.

What brought you to CrossFit?

Jordan said if we got back in shape we could consider having kids, lol! We now have two children, and we have the energy to keep up with them.

What was your first impression?

People won't believe this but I didn't like it, I even threw up after my baseline & I wasn't good at weight lifting. After years of competitive soccer I wasn't used to not being good at something. Jord tried to coach me but it didn't work. I kept going back, met great people and I liked it more and more each time. Now I'm obsessed.

How has that impression changed?

That impression changed after 1 month of CrossFit. Michelle and Ryan hosted an in house competition. Michelle & Thomas taught me what a deadlift was mid competition. It was awesome and I've been in love ever since.

What was your best day at CrossFit?

Best and worst all in one... The open 16.5, thrusters. It was Friday night lights and my heat was last. I was the last to finish, it was so hard and I started to cry. The entire gym came over and cheered me on and got me through it. It showed me what I could accomplish, and that our beautiful community became my family and supported me.

What are some of your?

Getting pull ups was huge, but going through two pregnancies until my due date both times is my biggest accomplishment yet! Hopefully I helped adjust the perspective that women should not lift/be active while pregnant.

What are your new goals?

I would love to get butterfly pull ups and then the elusive muscle up! But for now after just having Alex I have to reset all my PRs, but no stopping me now that I'm done having babies!

What do you love most about CFNAC?

Easy! Coaches and community! You can work out anywhere, but here we have a family. It's our second home, we love how many amazing friends we have here and how much our kids love it there too. Next time you see Ben ask him what Ernie or Thomas say ;)