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Grace & Pablo

What brought you two to CrossFit?

G- I had a started a new job, and finally settled into a reliable schedule, and was looking to be more active. Luckily Crossfit Aurora Central had just opened up right around the corner when I started looking for a new gym.

P- After Grace started classes, I began asking questions about Crossfit. I had been struggling with rehabbing from shoulder surgery a couple years prior, and with an extended period of not being as active as I wanted to be. I must have liked what I heard because before her 2 weeks were up, I had my intro with Abush booked.

 What was your first impression(s)?

G- Abush is a smart ass. But the energy in the gym seemed positive and approachable. And I was excited to get started and learn some new stuff.

P- I on the other hand was humbled by just how out of shape I had become, and that is all it took for my competitive nature to take over. There were coaches teaching skills I had never tried before and every day learning new skills and having targets to chase.

How has that impression changed?

G- I was right Abush is a smart ass. I am surprised at how much I enjoy pushing myself, and acquiring new skills and PRs. I always saw exercise as a task to complete. Now I really enjoy setting goals and putting in the work.

P - I enjoy the process of getting "better", whether that means getting stronger, or faster or improving technique, and finding the balance of all three.

 What was your best day(s) at CrossFit?

G - Any day with a barbell.

P - My best day was realizing from where I started, that I couldn't finish baseline (with my lunch intact), and when I retested, was able to finish rx and under the 5 min cap.

 What are some of your accomplishments (weight loss, PR’s, overcoming injury, personal goals, competitions, etc.)?

G- I am most proud of overcoming my fears with handstand pushups, rope climbs and ttbs. Gymnastics skills don't come easily to me, so forcing myself into uncomfortable positions in order to learn these skills is a battle mentally, physically and emotionally.

P- Whether setting & hitting goals for the big 3 lifts, relentless pursuing bmu from injury to success, or overcoming mobility issues to get into a decent ohs, the journey is one I am proud of. One day that journey might just include consistent double unders.

 What are your new goals?

G - Right now I am chasing a 175 C&J and a 115 snatch. I think both are achievable for the beginning of 2019. In the new year I will start to focus on being more efficient at my gymnastics skills and getting prepped for the Open.

P- Right I would like to get my 2k row under 8mins , more consistent with my double unders and be better than yesterday, while staying healthy.

What do you two love most about CFNAC?

G - the people and programming are great. I love being part of community where you can feel like you are part of a team, while also being unapologetically focused on your own goals and needs. Ryan and Michelle have created a great environment, and you get out of it what you put into it.

P - Big ass fan.... And what  she said.