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Brenda A.

What was your first impression(s)?

I thought the classes were great. I loved the variety and continued challenges.  I didn’t know that Crossfit was a “type of training”. I just thought it was the name of the gym. It was about 2 weeks in that I realized it was a culture. It’s probably good that I was fairly ignorant at the start because I may have been too intimidated to join had I known.

How has that impression changed?

It’s funny when I think of it now. I didn’t feel completely comfortable until about 18 months later. I was always the slowest and the weakest in every class. Often the oldest too. Now I know that my workout is my workout. Doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.

What was your best day at CrossFit?

I was proudest of breaking a 10 minute mile. I never liked running and I was always so much slower than everyone else.  About 2 years in, suddenly running didn’t seem as difficult as it had always been for me. And I ran a mile in under 10 mins. Not a big deal to most I realize!!! But big for me. I still don’t love running, and I’m still fairly slow, but I don’t dread it anymore.

What are some of your accomplishments?

I am definitely in the best physical shape of my life. It was eye opening hitting 50 and suddenly having your weight balloon. I was always able to eat whatever I wanted without any concerns then suddenly the pounds were adding on no matter what I did. So through Lean for Life with Katrina and the recent Nutrition Challenge I’ve changed the way I eat and since 2015 have lost 32 lbs. I consider every completed workout an accomplishment! I remember struggling with a 105 lb deadlift at first and my PR is now 195lbs. I also spent a year modifying to avoid aggravating my tennis elbows. That meant a lot of leg work. My elbows are still an issue but I know that I can always get a modification if needed.

What are your new goals?

I’m not a goal setter. I work in Cancer Care and I see how lives change in the blink of an eye so my approach is more take each day as it comes.  Having said that I remain dedicated to making life as physically easy as possible. Keeping active, keeping strong and healthy through the balance of my life is what I strive for. So in some sense that is my goal. Fitness for life !!

What do you love most about CFNAC?

I love everything about CFNAC. I love that I can attend a class and know most of the members. I’ve met some fantastic people here!! The coaches are amazing - knowledgeable - supportive - motivational. They care about keeping you healthy!! The staff all know me by name! The programming is excellent. Even when the workouts get “Spicey”!! When you’ve found something that you hate to miss, then you know you’re going to keep at it !! And it’s true as advertised - it is fitness for life. No matter  what activity or chore I take on outside the gym, it is very rare that it makes me sore or tired. I’m prepared for anything !! It’s amazing!!