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Angela T.

What brought you to CrossFit?

A friend, I met her at the swim team I was on. She told me all about it. My husband and I were looking for a sport we could do together. So, they invited us to join them. We loved it! And we still try to do at least one class together each week. 

What was your first impression?

At first I felt a bit clueless, a clean and what? It seemed like everyone knew what they were doing except me.  I really liked it, but it was also really tiring. I used to take a nap on CrossFit days and I was only doing it twice a week!

How has that impression changed?

Now I am completely energized by CrossFit. I am tired when I don’t do it. I love the way I feel, physically, I love being strong, I love that not much wears me out. I have the confidence to try anything. I really trust my body to get me through whatever challenge I take on, I have never felt that before. I have this confidence that has grown deep inside me, I really feel like I can do anything, it is the best feeling in the world! I even feel so bad ass I got my first tattoo! 

What was your best day at CrossFit? 

Hmmm that’s a tough question as there really are soooo many good days. I think it would have to be when I finally got kipping pull ups.  I had been trying for so long and just couldn’t seem to get the motion together and I didn’t think I ever would. Then one day it just clicked! 

What are some of your accomplishments (weight loss, PR’s, overcoming injury, personal goals, competitions, etc.)?

I think the fact that I have stayed with CrossFit for so long and keep improving and pushing myself is my biggest accomplishment. I am at almost 4 years and I come 4-5 days a week. I do some personal training, some partner training and classes. I am 46 years old and am in better shape than I have ever been in my whole life. I am always up for anything new and I am proud of that the most. 

What are your new goals?

Hand stand pushups with no ab mats, I am still at two mats, butterfly pull ups and maybe a muscle up. Ernie? What do you think? LOL….

What do you love most about CFNAC? 

I love the people of course!!! It’s so fun every day when I am exercising and when I work in the evenings too. I love hearing about everyone’s goals and accomplishments. I love laughing with everyone in class, it’s such a positive place.  I really enjoy entering competitions with my CrossFit friends and the partner training and the personal training. It’s just all good.