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Our Coaches will work with you one on one privately to help you achieve your specific goals.

Personal Training is an amazing option to help you get faster results, keep you motivated and to stay accountable. Our personal training is customized for every client. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, get into the best shape of your life, or sports specific training, we will ensure you reach it safely and break through your plateaus.


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What do people say about CFNAC Personal Training?

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Meghan LaRue describes herself as a tenacious go getter who loves her dog.

Meghan has been training with Gregg for just under 2 years now, and says because of personal training, she’s been able to achieve tone and definition she never thought possible! 

It’s all about commitment and consistency! The body doesn’t change overnight and staying committed to my training goals has helped me achieve my desired results.

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Parveen Khan describes herself as a mom of three young children, makeup artist, avid gardener, holistic health & wellness advocate & a possibility seeker. She’s been doing personal training for a little under 1 year with the guidance of coach Ernesto Spagnuolo. 

I would recommend it for anyone that wants to strengthen their body, function better in their day-to-day activities and have fun at the same time. Making the investment of time to build a stronger, healthier body with the expertise of a Personal Trainer has been one of the best investments in my future state of health.

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Nicole Ross describes herself as a determined, dedicated & committed. She is inspired and appreciative of the CrossFit community at CFNAC. She has been doing personal training with Coach Nikki Matarazzo for over a year now. 

I would say, especially those who have goals they want to accomplish or things they know they want to work on. Could be anything from improving a certain lift, increasing cardio capacity, getting double-unders, or competing in a competition–PT can help anyone with any goal!

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Stuart MacFarlane describes himself as a proud Dad striving to live his best life.
He’s been doing personal training with Coach Ernesto Spagnuolo for over a year now. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Find your gratification in the effort and the results follow. At my age getting out of bed every morning pain-free with the belief that I can still develop my strength, balance and agility is what I would be most proud of.

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Jenn MacDougall describes herself as a mom of 2 trying to be as healthy and active as possible for herself and her children. She’s been doing personal training with Coach Jadzia Truszkowski since March of 2019. “My hour with Jadzia is the most pushing and satisfying hour of my week. I know I have pushed myself and achieved something whenever I leave our sessions. She has been a huge support through my training, and I look forward to seeing what I am capable of every time we meet.”

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Nicole Puddicombe describes herself as a happily married, working mom with two kids who likes to try new things. Nicole and her 2 children have been doing group personal training with coach Ryan Abush since January of 2018. 

Starting to go to the gym when you are in your mid-forties is no easy task. It’s actually scary because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. From the very beginning Ryan made all of us feel comfortable.